CCDF #11
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Please note this is a link to Alabama DHR 2021 Child Abuse Mandated  Reporters Training.
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​APT's "Moving On: Transitioning to the Toddler Room"

DHR:CD;CCPF;QCCL   CCDF: 13,16,20    CDA: 1;2;3;4;6


"Administration of Medication"

​Credit Hours:1 DHR:HSUP CDA:1 CKA:HSN CCDF:1

"Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Prevention and Safe Sleep Practices"

Credit Hours: 1 DHR: HSUP CDA: 1 CCDF: 2 CKA:HSN


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"Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases"

​Credit Hours: 1 DHR: HSUP CDA:1 CKA:HSN CCDF:1

So You've Got Biting!

       DHR:​CD;HSUP;PDG     CCDF:13,15,20    CDA:1;3;7;8

Childhood and Nature

DHR: CD;HSUP    CCDF:13;17;19;20  CDA: 1;2;3;8.

"Let's Talk About Autism"

​DHR: ​CD;CCPF  CCDF:13;16;17 CDA:3;4


APT's "Welcome to Your Classroom: Creating an Environment for All Children to be Successful"

​DHR: CD;HSUP;PDG  CDA: 1;2;3;8 CCDF: 13;15

"​​Play is NOT A Four-Letter Word"

DHR: CD;QCCL    CCDF:13;16;17;19;20   CDA:​2;3;8